How to Download Udemy Courses?

Online learning has become the need of the day and millions of students getting an education by using different online platforms. It is a very useful way of learning if you are not a student anymore and doing some job. Because this mode of learning does not require your physical presence and you can learn these courses from home.


 There are unlimited and uncountable platforms, websites, and companies that are offering online courses. Udemy is also one of them and ranked as the largest online course provider in the world.

It has thousands of different courses that deal with almost all fields of life. Udemy is not a totally free platform and most of its courses are paid.

It is a difficult task to find a free course for hundreds of courses. If you want to get your desired Udemy course for free, is the best choice for you. This website has all the Udemy courses for free and you can avail of these courses without a subscription fee. 

You can download course content on your PC as well to watch these videos later. It is very easy and after following some simple steps you can download course content on your PC in no time.

For your guide, we are telling you these simple steps to download the course on your device. Follow the below-mentioned step and you will get course content in no time.

Udemy has an option to download videos on its site. You can download these videos in high and original quality from the website without using external software or tool.

But unfortunately, all the videos on Udemy are not downloaded. Some of them are not available for download. But the videos that are available for download can be downloaded by following the steps described below.

How To Download:

  • First of all, log-in to Udemy by the link provided to you.
  • Search for the specific video you want to download and play the video.
  • When the video is playing, you will see a “Gear” icon at its right bottom, when you click on it a menu will be opened. Choose “Download Lecture” from the menu displayed in front of you. 
  • Wait for a while until it finishes downloading. Once completed, open the download video file to check the resolution and video quality. You can play this video in any desired video player with the same ease.   

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